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Marketing 101: An Overview

Dealer Marketing 360 Series | 1 of 6: As we await a full economic recovery, we expect to see modest gains over the next few years that will equalize new equipment financing levels, according to an analysis of state-by-state UCC data.  What can equipment dealers do while you watch sales volume return?  One time-proven option is to ramp up your marketing efforts during down times.  Now is the time to push ahead and gain top of mind awareness - and market share.

This first white paper in the Dealer Marketing 360 series is an overview of marketing tactics, specifically for dealers, that you should consider.  In the coming weeks and months, we will continue the Dealer Marketing 360 series by drilling down in more detail on specific topics.  These will include:

  • Achieving Efficiency and ROI with Direct Marketing
  • A Practical Overview of CRM Systems
  • Market Analysis: Who's Buying What?
  • Uncovering Opportunities and Getting off the Cowpath
  • Making Trade Shows and Expositions Work

We've created Dealer Marketing 360 to serve as a conduit between EDA experts and our customers.  We believe that sharing helpful knowledge and information is for the greater good.