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Achieving Efficiency and ROI with Direct Marketing

Dealer Marketing 360 Series | 2 of 6:  Qualified equipment buyers are a distinctly identifiable group. At any given time, you, as a dealer, can know who they are, where they are, and what equipment they have on hand. You can use this knowledge to your advantage in sales and marketing - and you probably do just that everyday. With a sales force and market knowledge, you can "work the room," keep busy, and make sales. Furthermore, with a carefully conceived and executed direct marketing program, you can short-circuit that sales process and bring even greater efficiencies and return on investment.


This second white paper in the Dealer Marketing 360 series focuses on direct marketing tactics for dealers. See how you can be more efficient while increasing your ROI. Look for future Dealer Marketing 360 White Papers covering these topics:

  • A Practical Overview of CRM Systems
  • Market Analysis: Who's Buying What?
  • Uncovering Opportunities and Getting off the Cowpath
  • Making Trade Shows and Expositions Work