EDA on Big Data at Caterpillar Dealer Marketing Conference in Seattle


EDA on Big Data at Caterpillar Dealer Marketing Conference in Seattle

September 20, 2012

EDA’s VP of sales and marketing Rob Norris presented to the annual Caterpillar Dealer Marketing Association conference in Seattle the week of September 17, 2012.  Norris’ presentation, “Marketing with Big Data,” was attended by Caterpillar executives, marketing managers and CRM specialists during the group’s annual conference.

EDA was one of four CAT dealer vendors chosen to present within the conference, following a call for topics.

“This is the first time we’ve asked vendors to present at our Dealer Marketing Conference,” noted Christy Van Quathem, Marketing Services Manager, Empire Southwest.  “We wanted the presentations to be forward-thinking, yet relevant, so we judged the topic submissions from 45 our vendor partners on those grounds.”

Norris’ presentation focused how Big Data incorporates both strategic and tactical goals in successful sales and marketing organizations.  

“Marketing executives can’t pick up a business magazine today without reading about Big Data,” noted Norris. “Big Data is about Volume, Velocity, Variety and Value — the four V’s. For marketers, the most important ‘V’ is the Value that can derived from using data to help sell goods and services. Specifically for equipment dealers, Big Data is most valuable when marketers can use it to focus on small subsets of customers and potential customers. This often involves targeting your own customers and promoting service offerings to gain and maintain marketshare.”

“EDA and Empire have a strategic partnership that goes back many years. For the Conference, Rob focused on one of the most valuable dealer strategies, the hyperlocal data elements that can help improve dealer business,” added Van Quathem. “This is hugely relevant to our dealers in day-to-day and bigger-picture strategic decision making. To us, it’s all about the data and how our dealers can use it to maintain a customer base, target competitors and grow their marketing share.”

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