EDA Launches EDA Online


EDA Launches Data Web Platform

October 15, 2012

CHARLOTTE, NC – EDA has launched EDA Online, a powerful new web application that provides rich equipment data analytics capabilities. EDA Online allows customers, who manufacture, sell, service or finance industrial equipment, to access data-driven market insight by searching the country's most extensive database of UCC filings. Moreover, EDA's records have been augmented with email addresses and D&B data, including D-U-N-S numbers, annual sales, additional contacts and credit risk scores.  

The web application offers multi-filter searches, customizable email alerts, automated report sharing and dashboard functionality compliant with multiple browsers, including tablet computers.  For EDA customers, this means a mobile capability to marshal the insight needed to exploit market opportunities as well as to develop and nurture selling opportunities.   

For nearly 25 years, EDA has aggregated UCC data and offered customers data-driven insight to help shape business strategies, improve ROI and locate qualified equipment-buyers in a variety of industries. These industries include agriculture, capital markets, construction, lift trucks, logging, office equipment, printing, machine tools, trucking and woodworking.

"We began this product development and evolution process by assessing industry trends, redesigning our platform engine, and sourcing additional data points.  Along that path, we turned to our best customers, who were very willing to be open with us about how market insight and on-the-fly analytical capabilities can best affect both their day-to-day processes and strategic business initiatives," notes EDA President Bill Ault.  "We confirmed what we'd already suspected:  EDA needs to be part of our customers Big Data strategy.  Their needs - along with advancements in technology - drove the development of EDA Online." 

The multi-browser compliant interface works seamlessly with the tablet technology that's being adopted by a customer base that expects instant, mobile access to information.  EDA Online features a unified, simple search screen, insight and reporting tabs, as well as customizable purchasing-activity watch tools.  

"Our customers need us to help them navigate the vast amounts of available data. We let them distill the key metrics that will help them in big-picture decisions as well as day-to-day sales and marketing leads," adds Ault.  "Our goal is to provide a market intelligence tool that will offer our customers a competitive advantage, greater efficiency, more actionable results, and an even greater return on investment than before."

EDA Online is available through EDA headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina at 800.288.8262 or support@edadata.com. More information can be found at thenewEDA.com. 

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